Research Article & Applied Project Ideas

For my research article I would like to investigate:

  1. The top five different nursing careers that interest me the most and compare them. This would help me explore different fields that I may work in one day and help readers compare the differences between what certain nurses do. I think it will be challenging to limit the amount that I incorporate my own opinions in the article. This will include health, science and psychology disciplines.
  2. The benefits of a medical career in the Army. This will help me understand what it is like to serve your country and also have a healthcare career. It will be challenging to investigate specific stories because a lot of military work is kept within the military. This will include health and history.
  3. How technology has impacted the mental health of children. This is a very important controversy in our society today. Many people will be able to connect with this topic. It will be challenging to ensure that statistics and findings that I uncover are reliable and true. This will include technology and psychology.
  4. Using food as medicine. This will help me identify the importance of good nutrition and how it can help certain people. It will be challenging to narrow down what population I want to research most. This will incorporate nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and maybe even sociology.
  5. How can we help areas of poverty receive medical attention. This will uncover methods of helping those in need. It will be challenging to find ways to battle poverty and fund these healthcare efforts. This will cover health, sociology, and science.

For my applied project I would like to:

  1. Volunteer at a homeless shelter and create a blog that anonymously tells the stories of the people I meet. I am very interested in learning about the homeless population and how we can help them build a new life. The biggest challenge with this might be confidentiality of the people I work with.
  2.  Work with Stamping Out Stigma and create a fundraising plan of my own to raise money for mental health awareness. I have a strong interest in mental illness and was an active member of this organization last year. I think getting the plan approved would present a challenge.
  3. Create a volunteer program on campus that brings college students in to visit either elderly or veterans. The elderly population is continuing to grow and there is a strong need for veteran efforts in our country. I think building a large enough group that cares about this population would be the hardest part.
  4. Run a health fair for children at PSU. Teaching children about their health and building connections with our community would be great for the university. The hardest part of this project would be fundraising.
  5. Start a wellness program at ALLWell North that incorporates people of all capabilities. There is a large population of people that need help adjusting their lifestyle to be healthier and more active. I think the biggest challenge for this project would be organizing a time that works best for the members and the facility.



7 thoughts on “Research Article & Applied Project Ideas

  1. actualham says:

    All of your RA ideas are solid, though I think #1 may be the one I would have the most concerns about. We don’t just want this to be helpful to you– like a personal exploration– but helpful to a larger audience of people, and grounded in at least some scholarly research. The other topics may work better for that…

    All of the AP ideas are good, though they are ambitious, and I worry about getting some of them off the ground in just a few weeks, which is what we have to work with. We may need to scale back a tiny bit, and certainly get started early if you hope to work with communities outside of PSU. I know there is at least one other person in the class interested in working on a homelessness-oriented project, so maybe we can connect about that on Tuesday evening in case you two want to combine forces for something cool…


  2. I think you have some really great stuff here! I especially like your research article idea about technology impacting the mental health of children and believe you would be able to gather enough information through databases to have a good project going. All of your applied project ideas really incorporate you being hands-on and that’ll help you gain valuable experience in the field. Good luck!


  3. Christine McElreavy says:

    I like the range of ideas that you have here!
    I think using food as medicine is a super interesting topic for research because I think using food as medicine differs by culture and society. I think your first applied project is super interesting. You would have to make sure the people you would be working with are comfortable with you writing about them, but if they were I think it would be a great blog to read.


  4. I think you have some great ideas! For your research article I liked the idea of researching how to help people in poverty receive medical attention. Many people cannot afford or access healthcare and this is a huge problem in the county. This could impact you to really help some people and change their lives once you become a nurse! For your project I think there are so many things that you could do but your idea about doing a health fair for children seems really great. It would benefit so many kids and families for them to come in and learn about how to take care of their bodies. It did put this crazy idea in my head that I could help you with this! Planning an event is a difficult task and I do have a little experience in this and it is also what I want to do! Just a thought! Either way all of your ideas are great and I think they would be very beneficial for you.


  5. I really like all of your ideas! I think researching your potential nursing jobs would be so very helpful for you at the end of your education here.

    Your project ideas are so awesome! They are kind of similar to mine. I am going to start a program at AllWell with some students from my Health Promotion, Planning, and Evaluation class. But I definitely agree that it would be hard to manage your time and to also find people who want to participate. I LOVE the homeless shelter idea, I think some people would really benefit from reading your blog and want to help out.


  6. I think you have some really good research article ideas! I like your research article idea about how technology has impacted the mental health of children. Since there is so much controversy with this topic in society today I believe you will be able to find a handful of useful information towards this topic! I also think all of your applied projects ideas are great and will you give you a lot of experience to further help you in your profession. I think your applied project for running a health fair for children is a great idea and will teach kids about their own health and what can really affect it!


  7. Jeana DiBona says:

    I’m really interested in your research article topic regarding the impart technology has on the mental health of children. We’ve become a society that relies on technology for everything and I see it even more when I’m with my younger sister and seeing her with her friends. It’s crazy how much they use their phones and care so much about social media. There Is no doubt that how many likes you get on Instagram has a direct result on the way these children end up feeling a viewing themselves.


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